Different Types Of Wood For Furniture | A Detailed Guide

Different types of wood for furniture making

Furniture is the most timeless and basic necessity of every home that greatly contributes to the overall improvement of the design, functionality, and style of your spaces. For furniture, including Types of wood for furniture, there are broad designs, materials, styles, and finishes available to suit every kind of residential and commercial interior setting. With the flexibility of choices, it can be overwhelming to select an ideal design.

Are you selecting furniture for your residential and commercial decor? You have come to the right place. For the purchase of wooden furniture, one might need clarification as each wood type can vary significantly in color, appearance, grain pattern, strength, durability, and price. In this article, we’ve compiled various species types for your concern, so that you can make an informed choice for your furniture purchase.

Ideal Types of  Wood For Furniture To Make A Choice From

Depending on the material composition and stability, wood is categorized into two categories including softwood and hardwoods. Softwood materials include pine, poplar, acacia, and rubberwood while hardwood materials include oak, cherry, maple, walnut, hickory, birch, ash, and elm. Let’s discover each wood type with its origin and properties.

1. Pine

When it comes to the selection of wood for furniture making, pine is considered the most useful wood species. Pine is lightweight and easy to work with material type for both indoor and outdoor furniture. This versatile species has attractive grain options, good elasticity, and a charming appearance.

From light and dark color tones and straight and fine patterns, you can find various shades and distinctive finishes for this contemporary species. Aside from the decorative finishes and visual appeal, this wood type offers excellent resistance against shrinking and swelling, hence, good choice for outdoor furnishing elements.


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2. Mahogany

Mahogany is a reddish brown piece that features a straight, even, and fine appearance. With excellent workability, durability, and stability, this material is a great choice for every kind of furnishing element. This species is lightweight compared to other material types in the market.

Being a traditional choice, with unique aesthetics, and excellent resistance against damage, this species is entirely a retreat for outdoor furniture essentials like chairs, tables, and benches. The beauty of this furniture material increases as it ages, making it a great and affordable choice for every kind of residential and commercial interior.


3. Maple

Another renowned material for furniture on this list is maple which features a whitish appearance along with some reddish details. With its regular straight grains and rare bird-eye patterns, this material is the most contemporary option for modern interior themes. Made from a maple tree, emphasizes various beautiful options.

Maple wood is heavy-duty, has great appeal, and stains nicely, providing you with the most elegant finish. Aside from the impressive durability, this species can be used to make every kind of small to large-size furnishings indoors and outdoors. To make dining tables, wardrobes, and storage cabinets, this wood is an excellent choice to settle for.

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4. Cherry

Cherry wood has a distinctive reddish-brown appeal, featuring a fine and sophisticated grainy pattern. It’s a dense hardwood that offers excellent stability and is highly durable, making it the best furniture option for outdoor structures including pergolas, gazebos, deckings, and patios.

With a rich color, smooth grain, and flexibility, this wood has the most eye-catching appearance, aligning with different traditional floor options as well. It is the popular furniture choice for manufacturers to make TV units, playing structures, and cabinets because of their rich textured appearance.


5. Cedar

Cedar is another important wood type that is distinguished because of their straight grain, reddish color shade, and aromatic smell. This material is renowned for its stability, versatility, and high-end resistance against moisture and humidity. Because of the enhanced appearance, elegant finish, and fine texture, this material is particularly utilized to make outdoor furnishings.

To give your spaces an extraordinary feel, you can select furniture made from this durable softwood species. This iconic softwood species with excellent workability and dimensional stability is the ideal choice where weather resistance and attractiveness are key requirements.


6. Teak

When it comes to heavy-duty and stability, teak wood is regarded as the best material type for custom wood furniture. This hardwood species is known as the king of wood because of its long-lasting and versatility factors. This teak material has the best finish among all other soft and hardwood species.

With a finished timber look, greys sapwood, and golden brown heartwood, this material is ideally suitable for a wide range of applications. To make high-quality and heavy-duty ship decking, veneers, turnings, carvings, high-end joinery, and indoor and outdoor furniture, this material is the best pick. Additionally, it is weather-resistant and long-lasting, providing you with the best value for money.


7. Ash

This species is characterized by a light, yellowish color and a fine grain that further processes to create the most eye-catching beige-color furniture. This material is known for bending and, hence, ideal for making curved furniture. It is dense, light in color, soft to touch hardwood species that offers the most exceptional aesthetics.

To bring the most unique masterpieces to the market, this wood is being used, creating all types of curved furnishing essentials. Ash material is known for its suitability for crafting tool handles, baseball bats, and other small to large-sized furniture elements. The furnishings made from this element last for a long because of their toughness and structural stability.

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8. Beech

Another furniture material choice that is regarded as best because of its shock-resistant nature. This material is great for diverse types of woodworking projects whether indoor or outdoor. With their tight grain, light color, and smooth finish, they give a pleasant appearance to any room’s aesthetics.

Besides furniture for living room and outdoors, this furniture makes the ideal ground for excellent carpentry and joinery work. The furnishing elements made from this particular species will last long while preserving their tight grainy, and textured appearance.


Final Note!

Furniture is made from different types of materials including leather, metal, and wood. However, the most widely used and popular furniture material choice is wood. In the construction of indoor and outdoor furnishings, distinct wood species are used, featuring exclusive appearance, aesthetics, sustainability, quality, and finishes.

If you want to know the available options for different species of wood, these are categorized as hardwood and softwood depending on their material composition. To give your interiors a distinct makeover, you can select from the wide material possibilities of oak, cherry, maple, walnut, birch, ash, pine, poplar, Acacia, and rubberwood. For your luxury furniture for residential and commercial spaces, you can select any of these species with the desired stain and finish.

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