Get Outdoor Upholstery Dubai to Revive Your Furniture Look

Get our luxury outdoor upholstery Dubai to fix your defaced outdoor furniture. We provide affordable reupholstery, refabrication, and alteration services for every piece of furniture.

Outdoor furniture upholstery service
otudoor furniture upholstery

We Provide Waterproof Outdoor Upholstery Dubai

Our premium upholstery for outdoor furniture will make you experience maximum comfort and convenience during outdoor living. We offer these fabrics in the widest colors, prints, and patterns to complement every furnishing. In addition, you can also get custom outdoor upholstery in Dubai from us and design the most luxurious-looking exterior decor.

Highly Stain-resistant

UV Proof

Extremely Abrasion-resistant

We Are The Top-Tier Outdoor Upholstery Service Providers Across Dubai

You can upgrade your existing furniture pieces in an absolutely timeless manner by getting our exclusive repair and upholstery treatment. With our upholstery for outdoor furniture, you can achieve the best lawn, balcony, and patio decors. Our premium services are meant to beautify your worn-out furniture pieces and make them look brand new.

Our Upholstery Fabric Collection


Perks Of Our Outdoor Furniture Upholstery

We offer a truly magical treatment while upholstering your outdoor furniture, troubleshooting all of its structural damage.

Newest Appearance

You can make your furniture look new and attractive by selecting from versatile upholstery designs.

Fade Resistant

Our upholstery offers UV protection, keeping the furniture looking eye-catching for many years on end.

Increased Comfort

You will enjoy comfort by getting the upholstery and cushioning of your furnishing fixed by us.

Ease Of Cleaning

Furniture upholstered by us will be a lot easier to upkeep, due to higher stain resistance.

Long Lasting Treatment

Our upholstery services improved styling, comfort, and convenience for many years straight.

Cost Saving Option

You can save your investment of new furniture by getting the existing ones revitalized from our experts.

Custom Styling We Offer For Outdoor Furniture Upholstery

We provide the most meticulous customization services for furniture upholstery.

Fabric Choices

We offer natural and synthetic fabric options for upholstered outdoor furniture, including solutions- sunbrella, polyester, cotton, and others.

Design Options

We stock an extensive collection of vibrant prints and patterns such as floral, dotted, geometric, lined/checkered.

Finishing Combos

You will get tufting, buttoning, channeling, nailhead trim, welting, tight back, knife edges, and multiple other classy upholstering styles.

custom upholstery for outdoor furniture

Our Latest Upholstery Projects

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Stunning Outdoor Upholstery Dubai
Customized Outdoor Upholstery Dubai

Our Custom Upholstery Treatment Creates Outstanding Furniture Pieces

Attain the excellence of our craftspeople for the personalized upholstery treatment of your outdoor sofa. We help you save expenses by reupholstering the existing one. For instance, you can get custom upholstery for outdoor sofas and turn the decor from vintage to modern.

For modern outdoor upholstery for chairs, you can select from a wide assortment of materials, finishes, and fabric designs. We customize each component of your outdoor furniture. For garden furniture upholstery, we have leather, acrylic, and suede materials available.

Why Prefer Us For Outdoor Upholstery Dubai?

Best Outdoor Furniture Dubai is a top-notch firm that specializes in restoring furnishing elements through unmatched upholstery treatments. Our outdoor upholstery is meant to improve the comfort, coziness, and serviceability of your sofas and chairs. We have certified craftsmen to transform the entire look of your furniture.

We not only provide exemplary upholstery and reupholstery services but also provide you with lawn and patio upholstery fabric. Our workshop carries out the upholstery work with unparalleled excellence to bring new life to your furniture. Call us today for the functional revival of your furniture.

Outdoor Upholstery service by best outdoor furniture dubai

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Frequently Asked Questions

Or you can call us on  +971 5063 79229

Our upholstery fabrics for outdoor use can last for around 20 years with proper upkeep. To make the most out of this furniture treatment, it’s highly advised to clean it regularly and protect it with slipcovers and protectant sprays. Also, bring the furniture indoors during bad weather.

Of course, as this upholstery is designed for external use, it is completely resistant to all weather conditions and can be used year-round. However, it is still a favorable approach to keep your furniture pieces covered or indoors whenever there’s intense sunlight, rainfall, or other snowfall.

The width is determined by the size of the item that has to be covered. Some standard width measurements include 54 inches, 46 inches, 60 inches, and 63 inches which can cover most pieces. You can get all kinds of custom measurements from us per your needs.

Yes, this fabric is washable but you need to check the care labels before conducting a detailed cleanup. That’s because some fabric types have to be hand washed or dry cleaned, instead of machine washing. You can also perform spot cleaning in case of any accident for quick treating.

Yes, this upholstery fabric is 100% safe and suitable for residential use. It is durable, pet and kid-friendly, plus it does not get scratched or stained easily. Besides, it can withstand all levels of usage and weather conditions. Also, it is a completely healthy option for people with allergies.

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