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Transform your exterior spaces with the instant addition of our versatile, sustainable, and affordable outdoor furniture. We help you create your dream seating areas affordably!

Luxury Outdoor Furniture Built for Relaxation

Give your living spaces an excellent finish by placing our luxury and heavy-duty outdoor furniture. With our one-of-a-kind seating sets, you can create a favorite spot for sitting and relaxing purposes. Buy our functionally-favorable pieces with features of:

Energy And Space Efficiency

Comfort, Warmth, And Convenience

Customized Storage Options

Get Best Outdoor furniture for All Season

To elevate your outdoor style and aesthetics, invest in our luxury, trendsetting, and refined furniture pieces. Here we are unlocking the functional and decorative aspects of having our stylish furnishing sets.

  • Our furnishings are made from hard-wearing recyclable, natural, & synthetic materials.
  • You can discover the modern, traditional, mid-century, and mixed styles for each set.
  • Our damage-proof pieces are moisture, scratches, stains, corrosion, and UV resistant.
  • Our outdoor sets are foldable and adjustable, and have storage options to store items.
  • You can create a dining, relaxing, barbeque, and fire-pit area with our functional sets.
  • You can select wooden, metal, or leather sets with modern and vintage styles.
  • Our high-performance furniture can last for generations in your outdoor areas.
outdoor dining set

Discover Our Luxurious Outdoor Furniture Collection

Have a look at what’s in our stock to select one for your exterior space ornamentations.


Foldable Daybed

With an upholstered surface and sumptuous comfort, it can be placed around swimming pools.

Chaise Loungers

With an ideal backrest and cushioned seating, it will be an excellent retreat for patio decor.

Dining Sets

Our dining chairs and tables will update the design and enhance convenience during meals.

stool (1)

Bar Stools

With elevated heights, you can get stylish bar stools to create an inviting refreshment area.

Garden Bench

In your lawns and gardens, you can incorporate our stone, metal, and wooden benches.

Coffee Table

For ideal backyard seating, you can invest in our small to standard-size round coffee tables.

outdoor sectional sofa

Get Affordable Garden furniture: Modern, Mid-Century & More

Add convenience to your lifestyle by incorporating our contemporary, mid-century, or mix of vintage and modern furniture styles. From our leading outdoor furniture shop in Dubai, you can get every sort and style of custom furniture at highly reasonable prices. Whether you select round or oval shapes, small to large sizes, and neutral to textured styles, we will demand reasonable prices with a great discount for every element.

Our Top Furniture Items

Sectional Patio Sets

Sectional Patio Sets

Umbrellas & Hammocks


Tables, Chairs, Benches

Tables and Chairs

Gazebos & Pergolas

Sofas & Recliners

Sofas & Recliners

Swings & Sun Loungers

Sun Loungers

Outside Lighting & Fencing

Outside Lighting

Storage Cabinets With Drawers

Storage Cabinets

Design Your Dream Outdoor Sets With our Expert’s

Create visually interesting setups outside by placing our finely crafted accessorizing elements. We provide traditional or modern outdoor furniture for entertaining, relaxing, and simply seating purposes for any exterior portion of your home. For bespoke elements, you can pick the desirable and robust material, textures and finishes, and shapes or sizes.

For supporting and framing materials, you can choose wood, plastic, glass, stainless steel, metal, wrought iron, wicker, and rattan. For wood, you have the flexibility to choose from various finishes including oak, mahogany, cedar, maple, teak, cherry, pine, and plywood. In addition to that, you can select from various upholstery fabrics.

Best Outdoor Furniture Dubai

Showcasing Our Outdoor Furniture Designs

We offer you a complete range of outside furnishings with modern and traditional styles.

How We work

– 01

Planning And Selection

You can select style and material for your sustainable outdoor seatings for all weather according to your needs.

– 02

Designing And Finishing

We devise a perfectly purposeful furnishing idea for each uniquely crafted piece for your outside seating sets.

– 03

Standard Manufacturing

Keeping the quality aspects in mind, we opt for design enhancement according to the latest trends and styles.

Durable Outdoor Sofa
outdoor furniture set

Why Choose Us For Outdoor Furniture in Dubai?

Being the top-rated furniture supplier in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we aim to supply you with premium quality exterior furnishing setups for style and functionality optimization. We ensure:

Professional Craftsmanship

Quick Delivery & Assembling


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Frequently Asked Questions

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For your furnishings, the most suitable materials are metal, wicker, aluminum, wrought iron, plastic, cast iron, and rattan. In addition to that, you can pick from various wooden species including maple, oak, mahogany, teak, cherry, and redwood.

To select the ideal piece for your furnishings, look for the most hard-wearing, easily maintainable, and damage-resistant essentials to make your investment more valuable and maximally cost-effective. Consider the material, finish, texture, pattern, and color for an ideal purchase.

Furnishings for outside areas are made from different types of materials with effectiveness and resistance variations against climatic conditions and environmental aspects. Furnishings made from teak wood, wrought iron, and metal can be left outside all year round.

Yes! You can trust our craftsmen for the stable personalization of every kind of outside embellishment accessory. User can pick desirable materials and finishes, shapes and sizes, and patterns or textures for their luxury furnishings.

Different materials offer different lifespans and intended care and maintenance can also impact their longevity period. Depending on the material quality and regular upkeep, the outside furnishings can last anywhere between 15 and 20 years.