Best Way To Clean Outdoor Cushions | A Complete Guide

Best Way To Clean Outdoor Cushions

In an outdoor area, cushions contribute to enhancing furniture comfort and styling. These cushions enhance the elegance of your outdoor furniture with their eye-catching colors and textures. In this article, Best Outdoor Furniture Dubai has tried to manifest all the best ways to clean outdoor cushions. Following our effective guidelines, you can start your DIY project for maintaining your cushions, pillows, and upholstery materials.

Best Way To Clean Outdoor Cushions | A Comprehensive Guide

Cushions create a comfortable surface for posture stability. However, outdoor area cushions are prone to weather damage and therefore require a lot of maintenance. Other than dirt accumulation, moisture content or sunlight can also affect their appearance. The bird’s fecal material or tree saps can create dark-colored stains on the upholstery and cushions for outdoor furniture. We have mentioned some household techniques to make your cleaning DIY project easy and flawless. Proper cleaning and maintenance of furniture accessories always execute the shiny, fresh, and elegant surface with long-lasting results.

Stuff You Need For Outdoor Cushion Cleaning

  • Clean Towel/ Cloth
  • Soft Bristle Brush
  • Clean Water
  • Mild Detergent
  • Garden Hose
  • Water Bucket
  • Borax
  • Vacuum Cleaner

Step 1: Vacuuming The Cushions

Before washing or cleaning with water, you need to remove the micro dust or debris from them. To remove the dust, you should shake the cushions and then use a high-powered vacuum cleaner. Mostly, the crevices or seams (border or button areas) of your cushions have loose dust in high density. You should care about these areas while vacuuming the cushions.

Vacuuming The Cushions

Step 2: Wipe With Cleaning Solution

After removing loose debris or dust particles, wipe the outdoor cushions or pillows with a cleaning solution. To prepare an effective cleaning solution, add the optimum borax powder to a water tub and mix this powder into the water gently. Now, dip the soft brush into the tub and wipe the brush on the surface of the cushions. After rubbing, take 5-10 minutes for the complete soaking of the borax solution.

Wipe With Cleaning Solution

Step 3: Rinse The Cushions With Clean Water

After rubbing the cushions with the solution, you can rinse the cushion’s surface with clean water. For gentle water pressure, you should use the water hose. Avoid rinsing the cushions with high pressure because it can damage the fiber’s quality. While washing, always consider each side and corner of pillows or cushions because the corners or sides have accumulated mud or dust.

Rinse The Cushions With Clean Water

Step 4: Dry The Cushions Completely

After proper washing and rinsing, the cushions should be completely dried to prevent mildew production. Firstly squeeze out the cushions or pillows with your hands to remove maximum water. After shaking the cushions, use a microfiber clean cloth or towel to dry the water content. To air dry these cushions completely, you can place them in direct sunlight for an optimum period. In addition, to remove the wrinkles from the cushion’s surface, you can iron their covers.

How To Clean Multiple Stains From Cushions?

The outdoor cushions are prone to multiple stains such as tree sap, bird pop, mildew stains, grass stains, food, and oil stains. To remove all these types of stains, we have elaborated some gentle techniques.

Mildew Stains

Mildew stains appear as greenish, blackish, or yellowish spots. Removal of mildew stains is necessary because it can make your cushion’s surface unhygienic for use. Moreover, mildew stains also have harmful spores that can affect the health of users due to inhaling. To remove these stubborn stains, you can prepare a solution of vinegar and water in an appropriate proportion.

Rinse The Cushions With Clean Water

Oil Stains

The greasy content in the atmosphere can easily be absorbed by the cushions’ surface. To remove these oily stains, you need to prepare a moderate solution of water and baking soda. After preparing the solution, sprinkle the solution on the stain-affected areas and rub them gently. Take 5-10 minutes for the complete soaking of the solution into cushion fibers. This potent cleaning solution can absorb the oily content in the fabric and make the cushion surface stain-free.

Grass Stains OR Tree Sap

The outdoor patios, decks, and lawns are usually covered by trees and other decorative plants. The greenish or yellowish sap dropped by tree leaves can cause staining of outdoor cushions material. You can use the vinegar solution, alcohol, enzyme-based stain remover, or good-quality detergent to remove these sticky grass or sap stains. These stains sometimes leave light spots on the surface of your cushions if not treated properly.

Grass Stains OR Tree Sap

Bird Pop

There are maximum chances that your outdoor cushions may get ruined by bird pops. These stains make your cushion’s surface unhygienic and dirty. To remove these droppings from the cushion surface, first remove the dried material by rubbing it with a soft brush. Try to prevent the hard rubbing because it can damage the fibers. Then use borax and water solution for spot cleaning.

Food Stains

Food Stains

Your outdoor places (patios, decks, lawns, or gardens) furniture is usually used for seating in free time. While sitting on the furniture, sometimes you take tea and food items. These food items mostly cause staining on your cushions and upholstery surface. To remove these food stains, you can use mild detergent or cleaning agents. Apply the solution on the stained area, rub with a brush, and at the end rinse with clean water to remove residues.

Additional Tips To Clean Outdoor Cushions

The types of cushion, including those for chairs, benches, and chaise lounges, require regular maintenance practices due to harsh weather, dusty atmosphere, sunlight, and moisture content. We have enlisted some practical tips for the effective maintenance of these cushions and other furniture accessories.

  • Always manage regular vacuuming to avoid heavy dust and debris accumulation.
  • Try to cover your furniture with durable and dust-proof cloth in harsh and dusty weather.
  • Don’t use any harsh chemicals for washing cushions or upholstery material because these can damage the fiber’s quality and texture.
  • Before washing these pillows, thoroughly read the useful instructions given by the supplier or manufacturer.
  • Try to protect your outdoor upholstery or cushions from harmful UV rays, as these rays can make cushion fibers fragile.
  • To protect your outdoor cushions from tree sap, bird pop, food stains, or color fading, apply heavy-duty protective sheets on your furniture and cushions.

Final Words!

In this blog, we have summarised a step-by-step guide to cleaning outdoor cushions. We have also mentioned some practical tips for careful maintenance of cushion materials for your outdoor furniture. By following our complete guide, you can easily clean (spot and deep clean) your cushions or pillows with household materials. Additionally, we have described the best possible techniques for removing different types of stains.

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